I do offer two kinds of shipping: free shipping and flat-rate. Please read carefully the description of items as it will say if they qualify for any specific shipping. Also, read at the end of this if you wish to purchase more than one item.

Be aware that, except for when "regular envelope" is so noted in the description of the item, for free shipping you will have to wait more for your items, as I ship first-class, and for that I have to go to the post office. With my disability it is hard for me to drive to the post office, I have to wait for Saturdays when my friends can drive me there. So no matter when you order your items, they will be shipped the next Saturday. I will email you a photo of the receipt so you can track your package.

IF the item description states that it qualifies for "free envelope" (usually the case of some ear rings) that means that I can ship it the next business day in a regular envelope, with the advantage that you will get it shipped sooner but the disadvantage that I can't give you any tracking number. Also be aware that on this option I do not do refunds if the envelope gets lost, you choose this at your own risk.

For all flat-rate shipping items ordered: if you have placed your order before 6 pm CDT, you will get your tracking number the day of the purchase and the item will be shipped to you the next business day. You will receive a notification of shipment as soon as I get the shipping label purchased and created. To note, that in my area the mail DOES get delivery and pick-up on Saturdays too, so if you order on a Friday, I will be able to schedule a pick-up the next day.

I always ship with insurance for both free parcel and flat-rate.

If you wish to purchase more than one item, please first contact me, to avoid the hassle of paying too much shipping and then having to wait for refund on shipping. I will pull the items out of the online store and send you an invoice by email that you can pay through Paypal.

For questions on refunds and returns, please refer to those sections in the store.

Additional information