Bracelets Bracelets

Bangles and cuffs. Please let me know of any special requirements or sizes

Ear rings Ear rings

Most of my ear rings are for pierced ears. If you want a specific pair of ear ring but your ears are not pierced, please contact me.

Pendants Pendants

If you have any special requirement as to the fastening or the length of the chain/cord, please let me know

Necklaces Necklaces

If you have any special requirements for length of chain/cord or fastenings please let me know

Jewelry sets Jewelry sets

If you have any special requirements of sizes, chain/cord length, etc, please let me know

Art beads Art beads

Each of my beads is designed and created as a standalone art object. Even if I usually make a group of them that share some elements, each is very unique and represents a separate idea or concept.

Silver and semi-precious gemstones Silver and semi-precious gemstones

There is a limited number of these, so if you want to purchase something special as a gift for the holidays, you must hurry!

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