Basic techniques

The Skinner blend

The "skinner blend" is a technique of blending different colors of polymer clay to create a gradient.

The technique was invented in 1996 by mathematician Judith Skinner - hence the technique bears her name.

In the following tutorial I will show you how to make a skinner

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Mica Shift Technique

The mica shift technique is a technique that can be used on any polymer clay that has microscopic mica flakes in its composition. It will NOT work with glitter clay. It is a technique that produces

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Sutton Slice technique

The Sutton slice is an invention of the artist Lisa Pavelka - the name comes from the name of one of her students who was trying to do something and kept failing, and Lisa tried to help him... and the technique was discovered. I am showing you in this

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Watercolor/torn paper technique

Invented by artist Maggie Maggio back in the 1990s, this beautiful technique can be done not just with paints and powder pigments but effectively with any color top layer, including colored clay. In this tutorial I am showing you how you can get this beautiful veneer.

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